Evenings by the Beach


Back home from the Europe tour & straight to the beach to spend some quality time with Joal. We like to take short strolls at parks and hide away from the hustle and bustle. It allows us to laugh at the top of our lungs and be all weird because no one’s looking. It’s a joy knowing that I’ve someone to learn photography and videography with. We experimented on a short IG video together while he helped me with an upcoming campaign.

Introducing the new Bioré UV Perfect Spray which gives you invisibly light texture with SPF50+++ & PA++++ maximum protection. I’m sure we’re all familiar that Bioré has a wide range of daily UV Sunscreens for all occasions. They’re now bringing to you a new addition to their family. If you’d ask me, I’d say that spray-on sunscreen is all the rage these days for many reasons. It’s spray-on format is both convenient and a massive time-saver. Providing even coverage while not leaving you needing a couple of minutes for the sunscreen to dry before makeup application. My skin remains invisibly light even after multiple applications throughout the day – From preparing to the beach to reapplication throughout my beach activities & heading into the water. Say goodbye to all your excuses for not applying sunscreen – This handy UV spray contains sebum-absorbing powder for effective shine control. Which means, leaving you with a SARA SARA powdery light feeling after multiple sprays. If you’ve noticed the little IG video I shared, it’s perfect for body use as well ( yes, I mean head to toe sun protection).

One more thing to my daily bag must-have!

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