The importance of being happy

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Being happy, if only it was that easy.

Writing this at midnight on one of the toughest week with a million thoughts in my mind. With so many reasons to breakdown and bring everything in my life to a halt, I question why and how I’m able to keep myself going.

They say that to be happy, you have to pay a price. To feel happy, you must be able to feel the other end of the spectrum – sad. What’s the point of being happy then? Shouldn’t we just stay in the limbo between both happy and sad? Nonchalant, I think some people call it that. To be unfazed and with little emotion. Maybe it’s society telling us that it’s not cool to be happy. Or maybe we’re just scared off feeling happy  because that would mean that all that happiness would turn to dust one day.

I’m quite a happy and positive girl. Well, I think that I am. While I was at uni, my friends would scoff at how I’m chirpy and bubbly almost always. Some even sat me down and told me that it’s not right to be this happy all the time. They told me that I was being fake and no one could be this happy. I started to believe them. I started to doubt why I had so much energy in me to keep that smile on my face every day. I wonder why I had it in me to smile when my heart is breaking. And tonight, it finally dawned on me on how important it is to be happy. In the good times and in the worst situations.

Being happy creates a rippling effect. Daddy sat us all down and shared about how it makes his day coming home to a happy family after a long stressful day at work. The wrinkles on his forehead and deep frown lines appear whenever he’s looking through his emails even at midnight. It’s been a tough week for my family and the importance of being happy is ever so evident. Being happy creates this rippling effect starting from how you deal with your problems and the situations you’re in. Seeing things in a more positive light or casting your problems aside and focusing on turning it around is the first step in this cycle. Your actions and reactions would affect the people around you. It’s up to you how you would like to influence them. Are you going to brighten their day with a smile? Or are you going to let your emotions engulf you and allow all the negative vibes to rub off on the people around you?

Being happy conditions your mind for clearer thought. You know what they say about the power of the mind and ‘mind over matter’ right? Being positive and happy allows you to have a clearer mind in dealing with tough circumstances. It creates a sense of calmness and peace amidst a whirl of things that have been dampening your spirits.

If only being happy was that easy. I’m struggling with it sometimes as well. How am I supposed to smile when the ones I love are in pain? How am I supposed to smile when my heart is hurting? How am I supposed to smile when everyone else is sulking? How am I supposed to keep that smile on my face when my world crashes within a blink of an eye?

As I see my how my family is during this period of time, I finally understood why I’m able to be such a goofball. Being happy help lighten the mood and rejuvenate the mind. It eases every situation and creates motivation for people to forge ahead. Seeing things in a more positive light is the first step to turning things around.

Never forgo the chance to smile and be happy because of the presence of fear and disappointment. Every minute you spend frowning is 60 seconds of happiness lost.  I understand that now.

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