As we figure love out.

Dear You,

I just felt prompted to write again at the most random of times, while I was preparing to shower.

So a shower has got to wait before I lose my train of thoughts and this piece of writing turns to dust.

Here’s writing to those of you who are in the process of falling in love or maybe, falling out of it.

Writing about some things I wished that someone would have told me when I had my heart torn to pieces or before that happened.

You see, as we search for love and fall madly for that certain someone – No one told us we were going to get hurt or the possibility of that happening. No one told us that he or she might be there one instant and gone the next. I wish someone did.

No one told me that ‘I love you no matter what’ doesn’t actually mean no matter what. I wish someone told me that ‘no matter what’ had terms and conditions attached to it.

No one told me that to love doesn’t mean that you would be love equally in return. Or maybe sometimes, not loved in return at all.

No one told me that love doesn’t mean you should change the way you act, dress and more just to be loved a little more. To be tolerated and have your relationship held together for longer. I wish someone did before my self-esteem was smashed to an all-time low.

You see, I used to think that to love means to love ‘no matter what’. To me, ‘no matter what’ was an infinite promise. I’m writing because now I know that it’s not true.

To love and to have that love blossom, grow and flourish is one of the most celebrated miracles.

Love is an every day struggle. A fight to keep it going especially in the toughest times.

I wish I knew that love meant having the courage to let go when you know that it’s not good for you. I wish I knew that love was a mix of logic and emotions. To give whole heartedly while knowing what you do and do not deserve.

I learnt that love is never easy. It would mean getting your heart broken and balling your eyes out countless times. It would mean going through the toughest of times but holding strong to the core belief that this love you have with him or her is worth fighting for. That’s what makes it beautiful I guess.

Be ready for a road of heart aches but keep your mind stuck on being the one that places a smile on his or her face. Be ready for the times when your mind is clouded with the nastiest angsty thoughts and love is seemingly absent when you are starring in to his or her eyes. Be ready for the times when it is so easy to take your eyes off him or her and let them wander to greener pastures.

Fight for this one person who makes you laugh your hardest, be at your happiest and stirs those fluttery butterflies in your tummy.


Be brave to know when to let go and when to fight for love.

Learn to love yourself before having the capacity to love someone else.

Know that life is always worth living with or without him or her.

But because of him, life is so much better and worth living for.

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