The Scariest Day of my Life

I’m been meaning to write about this for the longest time & I’m finally ready to share. This post is going to be about a topic which I’m taking a leap of faith to share about my experience and shed a little light on an issue that’s surprisingly common with ladies in their 20s/30s.

Discovering – It was just another day, a less hectic day really – I was home early and laying in bed. Guilty of not doing regular checks on my breasts after my monthly cycles, I decided to give it a gentle press. What I found was something unusual and it puzzled me. I felt this grape-sized mass within my breast and I had a multitude of frightening thoughts running through my mind after. Immediately, I alerted my mom. Well, I also whipped out my phone and googled for more information – Which turned out to scare me further and is probably a bad idea.

Waiting – Waiting for it to hopefully disappear was what I did. With the trip to Pattaya being the next day, I delayed consultation with the doctor in hopes that the mass would be a result of hormonal changes but after a week abroad the mass was still there. With a heavy heart, I scheduled an appointment with a General Practitioner the immediate morning after touch down.

Scared – I remember waiting outside the clinic with my mom at exactly 830am because we wanted to be first in line when the clinic opens at 9am. It was not until 945 which I got to see the doctor. I remember giving the wooden door a light knock before stepping in and relating my condition to the doctor was pretty nerve-wrecking. She examined me and I noticed tiny changes in her facial expressions – From a smile to a slight frown. She told me that the mass was significant and I had to get an ultrasound ( possibly a biopsy) done immediately. The became a wreck – Holding back my tears and keeping as calm as I can till I was out of the clinic. I was impossibly frightened, scared and lost but I did not want my parents to worry. Not knowing what to do, what it is – I had the worst thoughts in my mind and all the things I wanted to achieve that I haven’t gotten the chance to.

More checks – Sitting in the facility to get my ultrasound done, I remember turning off my phone and holding onto my mom for dear life. I was scared and thank God I had my source of comfort right beside me. Papa was right beside me despite rushing around the entire morning running other errands for the family. I was overwhelmed with fear and gratefulness. They managed to slot me in for an examination that very day (thankfully). I slipped into the bright blue robe and waited for my turn. I remember then laying in a small dimly lited room with an ever so calm and thoughtful nurse who listened to my incessant questions and nervous rambles. I remember her telling me one thing which set my mind at ease (a little) – Usually, masses are benign and if you see a boarder/round shape in the monitor here, you don’t have to worry much about it. Then she went on to tell me more about the size of the mass.

Confirmation – So it turns out, I have something called ‘fibroadenoma‘ which is a benign growth in the breast. When I started chatting with my friends and opening up about this – I was surprised to hear how common it is. So here’s me sharing this with you in hopes to allow you to know about something I wish I knew or had the knowledge of. Ladies, do remember that it’s important to do your monthly checks on your breasts and care for your body. I know many of us tend to forget and shrug it off but it just takes 30s so let’s keep it in mind at the end of every monthly cycle.

Moving ahead – Though the doctor advised that it is totally harmless to be left untouched, I’m seeking a second opinion from a surgeon tomorrow and hopefully have it removed if it’s possible. I’m still fearful but I’m sure it’s gonna be alright.

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