Korean Brows with CLIO


How did I live without CLIO brow products – I often ask myself that as I put their brow products to the test over the last couple of months. I was introduced to CLIO a few months back & boy am I excited to finally share about it with you. Here’s sharing a couple of looks you can achieve with CLIO – Read till the end for something special.

Natural Everyday Brow Look

achieved with the CLIO Kill Brow Tattoo-lasting Gel Pencil

All you have to do is to outline your brows with the pencil, fill it in and then blend it out with the brush at the back. The creamy texture makes it easy to get a natural looking eyebrow and it’s perfect for beginners.


Defined Brow Look

achieved with the CLIO Kill Brow All Day Tattoo Brow Cara

Just think of it as a mascara + brow color. All you have to do is shape your brows and comb it so your brow hair can stay in place with a tinge of colour! For a more Tinted Brow Look, an alternative product you can use is the CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow.

Polished Brows

achieved with the CLIO Kill Brow Powder Kit.

Your brows will be on #fleek for a more glamourous look. With two shades plus a setting wax you would be ready to take on the world with this brow palette if you’d ask me.Using the darker shade first, fill in your brows starting from the centre to the tip. Then, use the lighter shade for the inner and outer corners of your brows. Contouring your brows can actually create a fuller and multi-dimensional look! The last step would be to apply the setting wax to keep your brows in place and you’re done!

Worked with CLIO for their upcoming campaign video where I shared 3 different korean-inspired brow looks you can achieve with their outstanding brow products. Head over to the video below to check out each brow look & let me know which one is your favourite. It’s no question which look is my favourite.

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