Never knew your smile meant this much to me.

Sitting right beside you, counting every independent unassisted movement.

Sitting right beside you, counting every time you smile at me.

Sitting right beside you, counting the times you hold my hand.

We used to laugh all day as I hear you ramble on and on about the korean drama you are rewatching.

We used to laugh about how you could hold your alcohol, your love for tiger beer and ice cream.

I knew that you were the most independent lady, the strongest lady, but nothing could ever prepare me for the thing I feared most.

I thought, I truly thought I did enough.

I thought keeping pictures, videos of every moment together would prepare me for the inevitable future.

I thought spending time and appreciating every moment could prepare me for what life has in store as the years go by.

I was wrong.

Truth is, you can never be prepared. Nothing is ever enough.

Treasure moments. Every single one of them.

The best gift you can give to anyone in this season is – Time. Something more valuable than any present in the market.

I would give anything to listen to you talk on and on and on again.

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