Winter Ready with Promod

Working with  Promod in collaboration with Tampines 1 to bring you some outfit ideas for the Christmas season – Especially if you are planning your getups for your year end trips to cities with cooler temperatures. Here’s sharing 4 looks I styled, starting with my absolute favourite.


White Knit ($79.90), Colorblock Scarf ($39.90), Jeggings ($49.90)

Dressing up might be a whole lot of fun but sometimes, I just have those really lazy days. I simply throw on a simple cardigan and some jeggings to keep warm. The showstopper for this sort of lazy outfit pairings would be the scarf – I personally love this grey scarf with a pop of color at the ends. Now, off to grab some warm coffee.


Grey Knitted Headband ($19.90), White Embroidered Pullover ($69.90), Grey Knitted Throw ($89.90) , Colorblock Skirt ($69.90)

What’s winter without layering, yes? This outfit would be one for days when I’m out in town or just hitting the streets. Playing with different textures would be a whole lot of fun but just to be sure, do a double take to make sure the prints and colors match alright. It’s all about matching and minor details spotted in your look.

Striped Pullover ($59.90)), Red Pincoat ($99.90)

Now, lets talk about statement pieces. That one coat you absolutely NEED in your life that would save any outfit disaster. Well, here’s the one for me. This red statement piece which brings so much vibrancy and color to the entire look. Colors like mustard, forest, wine and colbalt are on my list of favourites as well.


Denim Shirt ($59.90), Knitted Snoot ($49.90), Denim Jeans ($89.90)

Now, for days when the weather is more bearable – I usually have a go-to black scoop scarf which would match ANY look. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m pretty big on scarfs and layering. If you have the scarf for it, you’re pretty much set for all your winter looks. But that’s just me, what about you? Which is your favourite look of the lot, let me know in the comment section below.

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Photography by Joal Ong.
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