Better Skin This 2016 with Nivea

“Beauty is only skin deep. I think what’s really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit.” – Jennifer Lopez







It’s more than a month into 2016 and I’m making some changes to my daily skincare routine. Combatting dry skin from constant travelling and more, I’ve been on the look out for both facial and body serums – This is due to the fact the serums hold a higher concentration of active ingredients (that means faster results!). I know how hard it is trying to get into the body care routine as I often concentrate so much on my facial routine that I forget how important body care is as well.

Working with NIVEA and being introduced to the range of whitening serums was a game changer. Here’s sharing with you why I absolutely adore this – Besides being easily absorbed and leaving a non sticky finish (yasssss!), there are two serums which target my day/night skincare needs.


Let’s talk about the day-serum – This would be the Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF 33. Equipped with 95% Vitamin C purity, a known whitening ingredient, the serum nourishes and repairs dull and damaged skin. It is also infused with SPF33 to block off UV rays that can damage and darken skin. Like your face, it is just as important to shield your body skin from harmful rays on our daily communte, that is why this serum is one of my daily must-haves. On days where i need an instant boost of radiance on my skin,  the microlight reflectors in Instant White Firming Body Serum SPF33 is super handy as my last minute quick fix . Despite having SPF33, NIVEA’s body serums d0 not feel heavy or leave a white residue on my skin.

Now, let’s talk about the night-serum – This would be the Night White Firming Body Serum. Well this is a little different, it targets the need for moisture in the skin at night, especially if you’re sleeping in an air conditioned environment. Taking advantage of the fact that skin cells regenerates twice as much at night this body serum with Vit C & E would help aid in skin rejuvenation, making it visibly hydrated and evenly-toned.

Alright, so here’s keeping you updated with my skincare must-haves. Check back in a couple of weeks for more #beautytalk! Leave me a comment in the post if you’re going to give this a try.

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