Sephora is now online!


Hope everyone has been well! Checking in today on this #BeautyTalk post with news of my favourite one-stop shop for all things beauty related. Read on for more as I announce & shout out that…. SEPHORA IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!


Was so excited to receive that familiar black and white box at my doorstep just a couple of days ago! Here’s a little sneak into what was packed into that box ( I’ve been looking for brushes, a new blush color and new products to try for awhile now).  This is the first time that Sephora is online in our region & I couldn’t be happier to have a fuss-free way to get my beauty products stocked up without leaving the comfort of my bedroom ( how cool is that?!). Shopping for my beauty supplies as I clear my mails in the wee hours of the morning would probably be the best stress-reliever! Talk about multi-tasking at it’s best. purchases will be delivered in Singapore within 2-4 business day hours and internationally between 5-6 business days. Get excited and shop your favourite brands at the newly launched

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