Guess what guys, it’s midnight again.

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I have this love-hate thing with these thoughts rushing through my mind as I get ready for bed. Thoughts that make me pull out my laptop once again, open the ‘notes’ tab on my Macbook & hopefully make sense of what I want to convey through the words that are spilling out.

Even now, I’m wondering if I’m able to sound coherent enough. If my thoughts actually make sense, relate to people and actually are what many people resonate with. 

Even now, I’m wondering if I’m actually the weird one that’s like that. I guess you know what tonight’s topic is. Insecurities my love, those damned self-doubting moments. 

It’s been a tough month, March. Now we’ve hit April & we’re probably thinking, what? How did we get to April so fast? It’s April and I’m pretty burnt out already. It’s April, I haven’t accomplished my goals or even come close to reaching it. It’s April and I feel far from amazing.

Hooray it’s 2016 – A world where glamour, excellence and all things pretty/shiny/perfect gets flashed in our faces through social media. Like it or not, this impacts the way we see ourselves and the way we live. No matter how hard we work, how much we improve, we will never feel that it’s enough – For us & the people around us.

That’s how I started to feel.

I felt like my work was not good enough. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I felt like did not have everything under control. I felt like I could do so much more. I felt like I was burning out but I had to keep going.

Friends (you guys are such sweethearts) finally knocked some sense into me with incessant whatsapps reminding me to slow down, take a break (& I finally caved and got hooked on Descendants of the Sun #thankyoukoreandramas).


We are often so focused on being better, doing better that we lose sight of the importance of being happy.

Relish in every moment of happiness & joy – You have no idea how much good it does to you. Make it a point to make the people around you smile. Remember this analogy of seeing your cup as half full not half empty. 

Open up to your friends and family – Don’t keep it all inside. Sometimes, they are the best people to judge your progress and reassure you that you’re doing well or get you back on the right track.

Maybe, I’m writing this piece to remind myself of the importance of happiness. To remind myself to slow down, to pace myself & treasure every fleeting moment. 

Right now, at the moment – This is the youngest you’ll ever be.