This is going to be an overload of pictures: Pictures that tell a story of why Bhutan is now my answer to this frequently answered question, ‘ You travel so often, what is your favourite country in the world?’. Scroll through these visuals & the video, I hope I’ll be able to ignite a passion ( with help from klook travelto discover the last shangri-la before the rest of the world floods in.

#ICHALLENGEMYBFF is a series of videos that document the best moments between my best friend and myself as we try to push boundaries both locally & abroad. Leave a comment on this post if you have anything you’d like us to try!










To get to the sights & wonders of Bhutan, would require some effort from within. This is definitely not one for the faint hearted: For someone like myself, it was quite satisfying conquering hike after hike. Starring at valleys and vast fields from above felt just like a scene out of a fairytale: Every moment was as magical and surreal as it can be.













If you’d ask me about Bhutan, I would say (almost) the same thing over and over. It is a carbon negative country and the air is amazingly crisp. There’s absolutely no issue communicating with locals as they understand English while safety is never an issue. Bask in the attention from the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan region as they gaze down at you. You’ll be surprised at how Bhutan is slowly becoming a country with produce that is COMPLETELY organic and chemical free. I could tell you about all the good things to no end.









Don’t get me started on the one thing that left me in a bucket of tears as we bid farewell to Bhutan: Our guides, Tenzin and Jigme. I’ve never understood the necessity to engage guides as I was one that prefers exploring on my own. Little did I know that it was compulsory to have a guide to take you around Bhutan: I finally understood that it was mainly to keep us safe and because without them, wiki or google would be the worst educators of Bhutanese culture or history. Besides keeping us safe and making sure we don’t lose our way within the dense array of pine trees, Tenzin and Jigme slowly became the reason why we fell in love with Bhutan. I shall not spoil it for you but this experience was one that saw us dancing under a blanket of stars and conquering an abandoned fortress for an unbelievable view.







If I could gradually bring this story about Bhutan to a close, I’d love to remind you about one thing: Travel is the best thing money can buy. Use this to enrich yourself, to get immersed in the culture and heritage that is so authentic. Step out of your comfort zone, retreats and resorts. Take the plunge of spending a night at a farm stay with locals making the best meal for you in a sincere attempt of sharing their culture. I had one of the best chai-teas at the farm stay which saw us hopping onto the back of a lorry down the row of paddy-fields at 2000 hrs one night.









Never lose your sense of wonder, never close your mind off to the limitless possibilities that await you. Never give up on a chance to step out of your comfort zone as a local warmly opens up their home/heart to you. You’ll be amazed at how little you are in this world and how much more there is to explore. The adventure is only beginning and I cannot wait to be back in Bhutan again.

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