Having been to Taiwan countless times ( well, maybe 3 times this year – Taiwan has been known most to me for their bustling night markets, great food and lovely atmosphere. This time, I travelled to the other end of Taiwan: Further than I’ve ever been before to this town called Pingtung. I had the time of my life, here’s a visual diary on how my days went. This is just a hint to what’s coming up in my Taiwan vlog. Oh just look at how beautiful and gorgeous this hidden gem is. 

I’m in Pingtung on a mission to experience first hand how Minsu ( aka a bed and breakfast) operates. Boy was I blown away by the hospitality and personalisation of every experience in this seaside town.




Here we were, at the southernmost point of Taiwan listening to the lullaby of the crashing waves with the sea-salt filled air rolling through our tresses. We sat here for abit before calling it a night as the skies faded to black.


Starting the morning all bright and chirpy. Hands-on work at the back of the Minsu with the lovely owner as she shares some of her tips and tricks in making the brilliant breakfast she serves to all her guests.




I can safely say that I’m in the running to ticking ‘Housewife duties 1.0’ off my list. After making breakfast, I cleared the lawn of twigs and gave the resident four-legged friend a good shower. Well, with some help of course. He then went on to roll in the mud after which made me wonder why I even bothered to give him such a good scrub. Hashtag #itsadogslife.







Starting to get used to calling this space my home away from home while watching the sunset from the patio.


Okay I’m pretty domesticated now & it looks like I’ve gotten a hang of this but..

Our next stop, ‘YAWEINONG MINSU’ was a world of a difference, not in a bad way of course. It was more family friendly, less of an eco-lodge. This space had everything and anything you need within walking distance. Be it the convenience store, fruit farms, a playground for the kids, family friendly rooms and what nots. While missing the first Minsu, I was somewhat ready to see what was in store for the next couple of days with my new host-family.



They welcomed me with their traditional steam boat – I was obviously too happy when this picture was taken.



Morning duties here included making the beds and getting the rooms ready for guests. They showed me how breakfast was made but here I wasn’t in charge of that. Now, I can safely say I know how beds are made – Hotel standard.


Now for the fun part – Seeing pingtung from the perspective of a tourist! They insisted that we experience first hand what Pingtung had to offer and our first stop was the go-carting huts!


I will say this again – DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THEIR SWEET LOOKS. I would suggest going into the pan without any treats or you’ll be as attractive as a walking carrot to them.




Stopping over for some local dishes and picking up an icecream to battle the heat before carrying on with the activities in the arvo.



About to ride off into the sunset looking for my prince in the bushes. #kidding



Trust me when I say that you HAVE TO watch the VLOG to see this in motion.


Find @traveltopingtung or @traveltaiwansg if you’d like to find out more about these spots as you plan for your next adventure in Taiwan. More fun over in my next update via the travel vlog – I can’t wait to show you more!

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