When Forever 21one of my fav shopping destinations in the heart of town btw) approached me with this collaboration idea, I was stoked. I mean, judging from the number of bright yellow shopping bags I have collected over the years – I’m definitely a proud fan. Fast fashion means that the racks are always stocked with different apparels every single time I step into the store. This indulgent escapade I take on as a wiser choice of shopping destination whenever that occasional urge to shop rains upon me ( not a shopaholic, not trying to encourage unhealthy shopping behaviors, just trying to be real here guys – we have all gone through this). Well, it goes a little easier on my pocket – This I am proud of.

CNY is almost upon us and it’s the time of the year where we are urged to restock our closets. Well, the belief of new clothes for the new year will always stick – Right? At least we wouldn’t feel as guilty indulging and shopping at this time of the year. For those of you who are looking for an alternative to the usual florals/ prints/ bright reds/ oriental prints & more, here’s my take festive outfits for CNY this year. If you’ve been checking out my Instagram (@bellywellyjelly), you’ll notice that I’m staying away from the usual CNY getups this year. Scroll down for more visuals on what I’ve picked out from Forever 21.

Velvet slips are all the rage these days – You might want to consider this instead of your usual basic cotton slips for a change. Pair them with a pair of lace up pumps. Something comfy for a full day out and about.

Midriffs & taking the plunge by selecting a crop top as an occassional pairing for your high-waisted jeans seems to be quite a hit with the crowd as well. If you’re not a fan of this but are as in love with this crop top as I am, you can also choose to pair it with a midi-skirt. Want to tone this look down a little and not show too much skin – Take with you a denim jacket to complete the look or cardigan if you wanna look a little more dainty. 

Tangerine – My color of choice for the festive season this year. Selecting clothes that would be versatile enough for layering after the festive season is also important to me. Finding apparels befitting the festive season while being able to create different looks with them after – This was how this outfit was put together. What is your color of choice this festive season? Share with me in the comments!


Forever 21 is having 18% off with min. spend of $48 from 12 – 31 jan 2016 for all your festive shopping needs.

Photographed by – Faith Cheryl

Now, that brings me to the end of this short update. I hope you’ve been well & the year has started off swell for you. I’ll be back with more soon while unveiling a new blog layout come February ’17 which I’ve been working on with the team. 2017 will be exciting – If you’re interested in catching up and hearing more from me, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel ( search ‘bellywellyjelly’ on YT). Thanks for staying connected and reading xx