Of Forever Goodbyes

If you’re looking to read a cheery piece, please scroll beyond this post.

See how I got all Lemony Snicket there? Haha.

Alright, now let me start writing.

Well, it’s hard to say goodbye, that’s for sure. From broken friendships, heart-wrenching stories of love and a situation most of us might be all too familiar with – finding the right words for our forever goodbyes. I’ve come to realise that this pain would last forever, for this pain comes from the love we have shared & now – lost.

I’m starting to learn how to deal with it, dealing with the pain & sporadic moments when the floodgates flew wide open. There is this nagging pain in my heart that I’m all too familiar with. For those of you who know of this exact pain I speak of, I hope this virtual hug would bring you some comfort. If you haven’t, I pray that your heart will be strong enough for the day it encounters its first squeeze. 

Losing the ability to outwardly show love to someone or be robbed of the opportunity to. To love and be rejected, to love and receive no response. I find myself drifting in and out of moments like these, thinking about lost love and forever goodbyes. Thinking if I should write such a sad piece. Writing, deleting, writing, deleting. Wondering how I can put my thoughts into words as aptly as it consumes me.

Truth is, it will never get better. Friends and family will tell you that it will get better, give it time. Truth is, there’s absolutely no way for this pain to go away if you have truly loved someone as this pain comes every time you think about them. You’ll just learn how to deal with it better.

How to deal with it? I’d say draw strength from it. The resilience against tough times, challenges and failures. Cry. Allow yourself to feel, never harden your heart. Never allow yourself to stop feeling, thinking that it is the best way to deal with heartache. Never allow yourself to grow cold towards a world that has been unkind to you. Hold on to the good, no matter how hard it might be. Pour your heart out to someone or in writing ( if it’s a better way for you). If all else fails, just keep going – take it slow, take little steps. Don’t be too hard on yourself.