How to drink more water

Thanks for clicking through to the first post for this new segment of the blog – #occassionallyFIT! Well, this segment is crafted for individuals like me who are like what the title says OCCASSIONALLY FIT. This is for those of you who are a tad bid shy to even call yourselves ‘fit’ even though you have been keeping up to your weekly yoga rituals and HIIT classes. That’s because you know how much you love food (I mean your fried chickens, chips & those unhealthy delicious creations) and it’s pretty much impossible to eat clean all the time. This segment is for those of you who can never commit to a daily exercise, low carb, low sugar diet but would try and try again anyway.

The most important and simplest thing to do for the better of our being is to drink more water. There’s this saying that you should have eight glasses of water a day while opposing articles recommend otherwise. However, what you should take away is that water is one of the key contributors to having better skin. Drinking enough water is great for health as a substitute for your intake of sweetened drinks. So if you would allow me, here’s a couple of ways to drink more water –

1. Add flavours to your water (fruit-infused water)

This is for those of you who dislike the taste of water (if it actually has a taste we could put into words). I would recommend my friends to dunk some of their favourite fruits into their water bottles in the morning and have the flavours infused into the water that they would be drinking throughout the day.

Note: Feel free to experiment with different fruits as you try to concoct your personal mix, & avoid using hot water. Look out for a post about infused-water recipes coming soon! 😉

2. Get a cute water bottle

We are definitely most often than not, attracted to adorable and beautiful things. Take a relaxing trip out to the mall and grab yourself a cute water bottle. Grab something from the dollar store ( $2 store in fact if you’re thinking about Daiso) or even Muji ( for those of you who like minimal looking bottles). These bottles do not have to be expensive, they simply have to look attractive to you. This would (hopefully) make you reach out for your bottle more and in the process, drink more water.

3. Take a sip before or after every meal

This is one tip that would help you control your food intake as well. Take a sip of water before or after every meal as you please. Drinking water after your meal would ensure that you stray away from ordering that extra side dish or dessert as you finish your mains. Drinking water before would fill your tummy up so you do not binge eat as you consume your meals ( this doesn’t mean that water should be a substitute for meals, NO SKIPPING OF MEALS GUYS).

4. Eat water-rich fruits (like cucumber, watermelon and grapefruit)

As I was researching for this article with my team, this point was one that stood out. I wondered, does this mean that I can finally have watermelon and cucumbers in place of water for life? Well, we should always have a balanced diet but if you’re someone who prefers these fruits to plain water this is a tip for you. Taking water-rich fruits would contribute to a healthier being.

I’m starting off simple for these #occasionallyFIT posts, do let me know if you enjoy them & what else you’d like to see!



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