Hello from Rome, Italy! I’m here with FRESH BEAUTY SINGAPORE to find out more about the origins their #umbrianclay mask. It’s pretty cool going behind the scenes of the process. I’ll be sharing more across the next couple of days but for now, here’s a visual diary of my first day here.

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Thanks for voting over on twitter – This post is up just for you guys. We explored Rome before jumping back on the wagon for a 2 hour ride to Umbra where the event would begin. Rome was as beautiful as I remembered it to be. I was here a couple of years ago with family. I also got my gelato-fix! That was probably the highlight of my day, along with some homemade wine at night which was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Let’s keep in touch over on my other socials for more LIVE updates yeah? Alrighty, got to go! I’ll speak to you more in the next post.