We’ve all got best friends and lovers.
I’m sure we’ve also been through our fair share of disappointments and heartaches.
Time and time again we pour out our heart and soul like we’ve never learnt from our mistakes.
To always see people as they seem, to believe in the love ( can you even call it that) that they bring to the table.
We’ve been told to never let our guard down, to never be vulnerable.
But time and time again we let ourselves down.

But isn’t this the beauty in life? To always see the good in people.
To always love and love some more – Only to be shown that it was a fantasy all made up in your mind.
To be shown time and time again that life isn’t all that.
Is that why people stop believing in true friendships and love?
Is that why people become so cynical and jaded.
How do we bounce back over and over again.

You look back at the years that have passed.
Memories flash on repeat at the back of your mind.
You ask yourself – Were these even real?
Or a messed up picture you chose to believe in.

It’s midnight and I’m drowning in my thoughts.
I’m sure we’ve all been here before.


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