I find myself throughly excited whenever I feel like writing. When I have a thousand thoughts I would love to put into words that are somewhat comprehensible. I’m checking in today not at midnight but as the sun bids goodbye for the last time this week. 

I found myself taking some time off work as I got back from a crazy 5 days in Seoul. I’ve almost forgotten how it feels like just laying in bed, enveloped by the warmth and comfort of my sheets. Well, I did invest in insanely smooth linen and it’s crazy how I only felt the immense pleasure of enjoying it now. But hey, that’s not the point of this thoughtpost. 

I hope you are well. Yes, you. I know many of you guys turn to these posts when you are not feeling too optimistic. I’m glad these posts bring you some sort of comfort. A temporal respite perhaps. I hope these posts bring you a ray of light while knowing that light shines the brightest amidst darkness. For without, we wouldn’t understand the concept of light. 

Do you remember how easy it was to fall in love. To be free of all fear, to be vulnerable, to be throughly happy? I remember that feeling. 

I’ve been hearing stories from people I love. Stories laced with heartache and unanswered questions. Struggling to make sense of a reality that you refuse to comprehend. How it’s starting to dawn on me that maybe in this day and age there is no such thing as true love. Maybe we are all just jaded and disappointed. Maybe we are all broken beings who are stuck in a ring of cause and effect instead of selflessness and grace. Have we been looking for love in all the wrong places or have we been taught that love meant so much more than just being true. Are we supposed to be conditioned to believe that love is overrated in this crazy world we call home.

We’re hopeless romantics, all of us. Some more so than others. I refuse to believe that anyone would give up on a chance to be loved – To be loved well. But it seems like life often throws you into the paradox of being for and against love. You seem to be shuffling between healing, believing, breaking, healing, believing and breaking. Sometimes you ask yourself why do you still go through the motion of things. Sometimes you make up your mind to embrace solitude. But you are built to be resilient beyond your imagination, you fall back into the cycle once again with renewed faith.

I hope with this thought, you find your keeper of hearts. A safe haven that would one day bring you the peace you so long for. A kind of love that would stand the test of time and the elements of life. The kind of love that would understand your heart’s vulnerable whispers. I hope you know that you are only human and you are not made to be perfect. I hope that you learn to be kind to yourself. To be unafraid to fail, learn and wear your flaws on your sleeves. To know that someday, someone would keep your heart safe for as long as you both shall live.

  • Selly

    Love you Bel 😘💕


  • Joanne

    Hi Bel!

    This thought post really resounded with a lot of thoughts I have from time to time about loving without holding back. And I’m really glad the post ended on a positive note. Is it worth pouring so much of yourself into relationships at the risk of having your heart broken? Thankfully, my answer is still a yes for now. Because the heartbreaks after don’t obliterate the happiness and beautiful moments that existed before. I hope you, too, will continue loving vulnerably and fearlessly as you have before, and that you will find your keeper of hearts too 🙂

    “When it gets harder to love, let’s love harder.”


  • We all yearn for love, to be understood and to belong. And in the adventure to find that special someone, we are all bound to get hurt. Some worse than others, some more often than others. In the post modern age the problem is the oversaturation of everything. Too many people, too many things happening around us, too many opportunities. Our attention spans and patience dwindles. Words become so overrated and actions become lost in the words. It all sounds so sad and I’ve been there, lost, exhausted, afraid that true love simply doesn’t exist anymore in the age that we live in. It takes two to tango and sadly most people don’t know how to dance anymore (to love). But I’ve also seen the other side, when you do meet that rare person who’s not brainwashed by social media and the post-modern society, and the key is to not mess it up with them by being guarded. People fall in love with truth and vulnerability. If you build walls around yourself, afraid you’d get hurt, then you’ll never let anyone fall in love with you, the real you. So love fearlessly, for love always wins.


  • Lina Liauw

    Hi Bel!

    i believe that everyone has been on that point too. but yes it’s worth, those things (healing-believing-breaking) make us learn so much about dealing in relationship. experience taught us best 🙂

  • Christal Wong

    Hey bel 🙂 i hope you’re doing okay, since these thought posts also come about from what you’ve been pondering and what’s been happening to you. i myself believe that true love do exist, maybe its just that we’ve been brought up with an idea of love that isn’t all that real. We’ve been taught that Love is that emotion when you just fall and its sweet and happiness but when its at points of all low, love isn’t true anymore and people drift apart. Maybe its because I’ve been brought up in Church, but the way I see Love is that it is steadfast, and even if it isn’t easily seen outwards, you know that they are in love and love each other. I’ve also come to realise that Love isn’t just romance but loving yourself, loving your family, loving your friends etc. I believe that when you truly understand these forms of love, romantic love will be one that grounds you and steadys you and you choose to continue loving each and every day, even in the toughest times. I don’t really know what im talking anymore haha, i think its a lot of accumulated thoughts on Love. but yes, i do agree about finding the one who keeps your heart and everything you’ve said, especially the last paragraph. i really hope you’re doing well Bel, keep on smiling and have joy, even in times where joy seems lost.

  • 러브💖

    Hey Bel,

    I’be been praying for you and this was what God spoke to me about https://dayre.me/Pockyryl/r2N9qdkCKr 🙂

    Take all the time you need.

    Remember, it’s a journey not a rat race!

    I believe that God lifted you up to this position, and with great responsibility that you carry for His name, I pray that Jesus alone will be your source of comfort.

    pockyryl @.@


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