My Top 8 Travel Hacks

As many of you know, I travel pretty often for my work and over the years. As time passed, I picked up and figured out ways to make my life on the road a tad bit easier. I found some time to pick out my top 8 tips and tricks for you just in time for this holiday season. You can watch the video on my YouTube channel here, My Top 8 Travel Hacks. You can click the link if you prefer watching, or stay on and keep reading if you’d like consume these tips on a more static level.


1. Your very own charging hub

This is by far the most important travel hack I’ve discovered ever since I travel for work – extension cord. I travel with a ton of electronic gadgets with me and a few hotel room sockets just wouldn’t cut it. What I usually do is to bring an extension cord along with the travel adaptor and charge everything at 1 place: my camera battery, laptop, phone and a port for my hairdryer too. Building my very own charging hub, perhaps? It’s also great if you are sharing the room with your friends – This would give you instant brownie points for being able to fulfill everyone’s charging needs.


2. Bring your own hairdryer

Many of you might think that it is a waste of space to bring your own hairdryer with you abroad, but trust me on this. It will be your lifesaver if your hotel or Airbnb doesn’t provide a good reliable hairdryer. I take with me my Dyson as it is compact and fits right into my electronics bag (yes, I bundle them all together). I know that with my Dyson, I have a trusty hairdryer that would save me so much time and get me ready for bed quicker. There are other uses for a hairdryer other than drying your hair, continue reading on and you will know.

3. Toothbrush hygiene

Now don’t laugh at me just yet, you will find out why a baby toothbrush is included my travel hacks. Remember those times when you want to brush your teeth on the airplane but your toothbrush just happens to drop into the sink? Or when you are using the public toilet to freshen up and it is not the most hygienic space to be. This is when the suction pad of the baby toothbrush will help, it will help to keep the toothbrush standing upright regardless of the plane’s turbulence. You can grab this at a convenience store or supermarket closest to you.

Dyson x Bellywellyjelly travel hacks 3

4. Shoe cabinet in my luggage

We all have that habit of throwing our shoes in a plastic bag and dumping it into our luggage. This would leave my luggage in quite a mess with the many plastic bags for different things such as toiletries, dirty clothes, shoes, etc. Well, I found out this hack from an online source and it has helped me tremendously to keep my luggage neat. Not my idea but definitely so so helpful guys so listen up! Use a shower cap to wrap around the bottoms of your shoes. It will not only help you to stash it away nicely, it also helps identify my footwear quickly when I’m in a rush to head out when it’s not masked under all the plastic bags.

5. Makeshift jewelry box

This is one of the most common travel hacks I have seen all over Pinterest. With my earring studs, rings and necklaces, I’ve always found it a chore to store them in small pouches because it always ends up getting tangled, and I will spend an extra 5-10 minutes trying to untangle them. This is when a pill organizer box comes in handy for me to separate my jewelry into compartments and keep them neatly stored during my travels. You can also store the small items that you always lose in your bag like bobby pins, safety pins, and rubber bands. The best part about this is that you can find a variety of box size variations for you to choose from ( there’s those that come in 7 little compartments and more!) as long as it meets your needs.

6. No time to iron your clothes?

I am pretty lazy, I would shun every opportunity to iron my clothes if I can. Not something I am particularly proud of but definitely something I am unashamed for admitting. My working schedule is always changing and I would find myself rushing back home to pack my luggage at midnight when I have a flight at 5 am. That being said, I would find crumbled shirts and dresses when I’m getting dressed and I have a real quick hack for you – It involves a hairdryer & a little bit of water. Dab a little bit of water to the crumbled area and use your hairdryer to hold it as close to the shirt as possible. Tug on your article of clothing and run the hairdryer on high heat across the wet patches. My Dyson does not overheat with its heat sensor technology if you were wondering. This hack is pretty amazing and one of my favourite lazy hacks. You can check out the video, My Top 8 Travel Hacks if you would like to find out more with a motion demonstration.

7. Ultimate SIM card lifesaver

I would say I can never live without this hack and I might actually mean it. In every country that I go to, I have to change my SIM card either at the airport or convenience store. They usually don’t provide the Apple pin for you to take out the SIM card. What I would do is to take out one side of my earrings and use it like a normal Apple pin. My phone is a travel essential and it would be useless to have a phone without 3G/4G.

8. I woke up like this

Holidays and work travels are meant to be tiring and exciting at the same time. You would need to save as much time as you can. I do this by getting lash extensions. My usual makeup routine does include 10 minutes of applying the glue to my false eyelashes, waiting for them to dry and applying them one eye at a time. Now that I have saved myself 10 minutes every morning, that’s saving 1 hour for my 6 days trip. #proud


And there you have it, my favorite travel hacks summarized into a blog post, I might do an updated one in a few years time when I find even more useful travel hacks. Thank you for reading and I hope you will find these tips helpful for your upcoming trips. Have an amazing day xx


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